The Conservative Brain

One of the most intriguing aspects of human nature that I have attempted to examine over the last several years is how the Conservative brain works. I have struggled to understand how Conservatives think on a basic level. It is hard for me to grasp some of their odd and strange ways of thinking. I have often considered their line of thought to be a remnant of the past – an outdated dinosaur ideology that hasn’t had opportunity to evolve. I recently stumbled upon a very interesting article which examines the nature of Conservative thinking.  It verifies that Conservatives have low IQ’s. I often wonder why no appeals to logic, facts, and reality ever seem to work with people who find themselves stuck in the Conservative line of reasoning. The following article, attached below, examines the Conservative mind:

One of the most interesting quotes from the aforementioned article is this one:

‘As other scientists note………, the challenge is how to get through to people whose intellect can’t handle being challenged with alternative realities. We can’t argue our way through to them; we have to find a way to appeal to their feelings. And yet, it seems compassion is lacking so we can’t put any stake in using compassion or empathy to appeal.’

My own personal observation of the basic thinking of Conservatives is that they won’t read beyond a certain point in any writing. It is very clear from engaging with conservatives over the last several years that their brain processing capacities cannot handle more than a few points at any given moment. Liberals have to keep that in mind. Imagine for just a moment that the length of this writing, up to this point, is similar to that of Kryptonite to Superman. It will make a Conservative mind think too much and cause potential disgust and confusion. You have to appeal to baseless fears in order to enter their mind. You cannot use facts or logic. You cannot use an argument based on reality. You have to appeal to less evolved emotions like fear, anger, hatred, and anxiety. These emotions are the battery and sustenance of the Conservative brain.

One thing I have also certainly noticed time and time again is that Conservatives are lovers of fantasy. I have noticed this trend over time. Conservatives ABSOLUTELY LOVE fantasies such as: delusions of prosperity, fictitious threats, the fairy God mother, talking snakes, the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, the American Dream, the government sending someone to forcefully confiscate their guns, trickle-down theory, straw man arguments, denial of facts in favor of delusional optimism, delusions that cutting taxes for a few billionaires creates jobs, and other associated non realities.

Liberals fail to direct the argument at Conservative audiences that they are realists, in my opinion. Realists are able to more aptly perceive the true nature of reality, considering that they have higher IQ’s. However, they often come across as pessimists to their conservative counterparts because they see the whole picture, know the fantasies that conservatives believe in are false, and often react with disgust at reality. This disconnect is not much different to the situation of a child finding out for the first time that Santa Claus does not exist. Anyone who has a firm grasp of reality knows that Santa Claus is a persona of complete fantasy, but telling a child this is a hard pill to swallow if they believe that Santa Claus has been real their whole life. The child may think that challenging the existence of Santa Claus is incredibly negative. Nonetheless, it is merely a true reflection of reality. Conservatives entirely miss the point that Liberals are living in reality.  They think that Liberals are negative Nancy’s, when reality is simply not pleasant all the time. Many liberals fail to examine solutions, and that is one reason why they are not appealing to the Conservative brain. Liberals point reality out all the time, but this does not speak to someone who prefers Fantasy. It disconnects the conservative mind from their deluded bubble. In order to speak to a Conservative, you have to point out reality and then propose a solution. You have to explain to them, based on facts, why they must accept reality and make attempts to fix it so that it will benefit them in real life, and help them accomplish their fantasies and dreams. Conservative economic theory is ultimately about robbing the majority of people of financial prosperity in favor of a few. We must remember this simple fact. The more that Conservative ideology is enforced; the more rigid class hierarchy becomes apparent in real life.

Going in to this much detail with conservatives, as examined by this writing, would be too much for them to handle as well. Their brain at this point would be completely overloaded and would shut down. You must hammer bullet point arguments until they understand your line of thinking. Many of their fear and guilt patterns will shut out your ideas after a few sentences. You have to remember that it isn’t just lack of intelligence we are dealing with. There are plenty of intelligent conservatives. As a whole, they are certainly less intelligent and have lower IQ’s than liberals; however, you are dealing with a strong emotion of fear and guilt, most certainly. You cannot reason with fear and guilt patterns once they shut out what you are saying. Therefore, you must remember the general rule – The point you are trying to make must be short enough that George W Bush would read it. Anything longer than a paragraph may be too much for George W. If it is too lengthy; their brain processing mechanisms and fear based thought capacities shut their brain down. You have to understand these basic means by which conservatives think if you really want to convince them. I believe these tips will help.


6 thoughts on “The Conservative Brain

  1. Well it’s true I do have a very low IQ. I’d be surprised if I ever have an IQ. Or ever did have one. And I am a typical conservative. At least I think so. Or thought so. But I go through these maddening reassessment moods because I don’t really closely associate with too many people and a couple years ago I relocated (with my wife) to a country in Europe (which I will not disclose here because, well, it just isn’t too pertinent), and I honestly hope to stay here the rest of my life, however much of that the good lord sees fit to bless this cranky old codger with; but curiosity does nag a lot, tugs, pulls me from the course I should be on

    (I like to write poetry – I once thought I wanted to write erotca/porn but it’s really difficult – not that poetry isn’t difficult but it’s just easier to apply focus to a shorter space – I keep telling myself to just try and see longer fiction as a series of stanzas that just happen to be closely connected to each other – oh and no I’m not published and I don’t expect to ever enjoy that distinction because i can’t imagine any publisher liking anything I make – just that I enjoy it immensely, making stuff with words – and being here in this european place, man, there’s no end to the sources of what I call starter words or images – too many to choose from sometimes – so if you happen to check on my work you’ll probably find it seriously lacking – I find it that way too – I know it is.

    Because you know conservatives like myself – as you see I’ve self-described myself as a typical conservative, and probably write like a typical conservative, So yeah I know I write horrible poetry – could even argue that it isn’t really poetry but just prose broken into stanzas – when I encounter this quandary I always end up doing that face-palm thing because i remember there’s that beast they call Flash Fiction, and a lot of inner stress could be relieved if I just wrote short fiction and then broke it up and called it something like Poetic Flash Fiction or Flash Fiction Dressed As Poetry….

    so yeah I guess I’m a typical conservative, or would be considered a typical conservative by people a helluva lot brighter than me – but racist? Nah I don’t think I’m a racist. But I suppose anything’s possible. I mean if I as a typical conservative person is so IQ-handicapped, maybe I should investigate racism…? Not trying to be a shitass here,just really curious. Just wanna do the right thing).

    Well I’ll let you go, and sorry for eating up this much space, just that I get started and can’t stop… now that’s a twist – because another of my problems with longer fiction is that I start stuff but get sidetracked, got so many works unfinished, just fragments and pieces and… it’s fucking frustrating. But I blame no one but myself – I am a typical conservative – without an IQ to call my own. Hey take care and man isn’t it great that spring finally got here.

  2. So it is now nine months since your posting. Are you still feeling good about your Liberal superiority to Conservatives? You are missing the point. Both parties are controlled, and the elected leaders on both sides are full of shit. This is the control mechanism of the corporate fucking fascists that make the decisions. The left is full of intellectuals who don’t know their head from their asshole, and the right is full of flag waving patriotic morons. You write about how Austerity is stupid and doesn’t work. You mean to tell me that spending more than you take in is a viable solution? You are fucking kidding, right? Keep jacking yourself off about how you intellectual leftists are the ones dealing in reality. I cannot believe you lefties are so absolutely fucking naive. You are willing to let the state fuck you and you don’t even realize it. The disparity between the rich and everyone else has only grown under the Obama administration, and he doesn’t give a rat fuck about you, or any of your intellectual friends. You want more from your government? Are you out of your fucking mind? Anything the government touches is by definition inefficient and corrupt. How much more fucking proof do you need. You remember this post, because I can guarantee you that there is a moment coming in the not so distant future when the entire financial systems will collapse. It is mathematically impossible to get out of the shit we are in now. When that moment comes, will you join your friends and stretch your are out to government and say “Save us!!” I will be the one telling you and your friends, “you fucking morons, you are asking the same cocksuckers who intentionally caused it to happen to save you.”
    The “system” is being destroyed intentionally, and the new system is waiting in the wings. Prepare to be a slave, moron.

    • What you are proposing is Anarchocapitalism. Are you an Anarchist? Every word you wrote above sounds like it came from the Anarchist manifesto. Perhaps if the government is so horrible, try living without a military, police, roads, bridges, rule of law, air traffic controllers, and clean water. Maybe you can just scrap all the constitution and create a land of outlaws. It will be like the vigilante Wild West. Murder will not be illegal. Stealing will not be illegal. Lawlessness will rule the land. Maybe you’ll propose slavery since you don’t want a government. Exploitation will be a defining element of your anarchist culture, since you want no rules regulating one group of people taking advantage of another group of people. Your arguments aren’t conservative. They are anarchist.

      On another note, no one is saying spending more money than you earn is a good idea in every circumstance. This is where you fail to understand economics on a fundamental level. Many large and successful businesses with great ideas often times need to use a loan to build their businesses to astronomical heights. Many businesses have grown by taking a chance. The people of the United States of America are not a bunch of failed laborers. They have proven time and time again that they can produce an economically viable economy. However, without public investment in infrastructure and its people, the United States has made a grave mistake. The failures of your Anarchist business cronies have not produced sufficient jobs to address the unemployment condition in America. This critical mistake will cost the US Economy $1 trillion per year in lost growth for decades to come:

      Of course, when you have a Nobel Laureate along with central banks stating this fact, Anarchists like yourself like to resort to the same argument that Government does everything wrong. Meanwhile, the lobbyists and talk radio clowns who have brainwashed you into the Anarchist line of thinking you espouse are using the government every step of the way to get what they want (which is more for themselves and less for everyone else). Who’s the real government dependent? Is it the idle rich you are brainwashed by who have not created jobs while sitting on record corporate profits? Wake up. There’s a reason why the Big Wealthy Business owners want you to promote government anarchy. They don’t want you using government to get what you want. They want to use government to get what they want while keeping you out of the equation. Got it? anarchocapitalist ‘Get a brain moran?’ <—Tea Party rally reference.

  3. My IQ is two standard deviations above the mean. Spiritually I am probably best described as agnostic. I identify with classical liberalism. Socially I would describe myself as liberal although not progressive. I supported gay marriage when the progressive cause of the day was still partner benefits. I support legalizing marijuana. I love the ACLU even if I don’t always agree with the all of the causes they are taking on,.

    So of course I am a Republican. I don’t need an emotional marketing strategy. I’m not put off by so called Democratic party realism; I wish they were more realistic and less emotional. The Democratic Party as a whole does even worse speaking to me than the Republican Party does ,,,even now when it’s infested with brain dead, religion on their sleeves, clueless douche canoes.

    By the way I would be happy to give back the Southern Democrats that restyled as the Religious Right. 😉

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